CSC’s New gTLD Utilization Report – September 2016

The September edition of CSC® Digital Brand Services’ New gTLD Utilization Report shows 14,098 generic top level domains have broken through to make the Alexa Top 1M list, up 19% since our last report. As always, we continue to share interesting examples of new gTLDs in use.

New gtld report_September 2016In this report, it is interesting to note some of the most active .brand registrations include .mma, a French insurance social network with 1,735 domains, and .neustar, an American information and analytics provider with 504 domains. Also worth noting, 54 .brands feature an Alexa ranking, up 69% since our May report. Examples of these .brand domains include, representing the Japanese manufacturer of imagine and optical products, Canon, representing the American multinational technology company, Google.

In this most recent report, we also look at:

  • The number of active .brands and those recently delegated
  • The highest ranking .brands in the Alexa Top 1M
  • The number of new gTLDs in the Alexa Top 1M
  • New gTLDS that trigger suspicion in the Top 10
  • An alternative look at Top 10 with our New gTLD Indicator score
  • The performance of .brands in search

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