Understanding the Monetary Authority of Singapore’s Revised Technology Risk Management Guidelines for APAC Companies

The financial services sector has always been a forerunner in adopting technology for automation, and to provide better services to customers. The sector has been embracing digital transformation at an accelerated pace, especially with COVID-19, to continue to provide banking services while minimizing physical contact and exposure.

78% of Cyber Security Professionals Expect an Increase in DNS Threats, Yet Have Reservations

A recent survey conducted by the Neustar International Security Council confirmed the heightened interests on domain name system (DNS) security. The survey reveals that over three-quarters of cyber security professionals anticipate increases in DNS attacks, especially with more people shopping online amid the pandemic.

Holiday Shoppers Beware: Tips for Global Brand Owners and Consumers to Safeguard Against Domain Security Threats

With the COVID-19 pandemic persisting, online shopping will be the preferred method for the 2020 holiday shopping season. While staying home to shop is the safest option right now, it means consumers are more vulnerable to online fraud, counterfeits, and cyber crime.