Get tough on brand infringements. Brand Bulletin Issue 10 out now


When you need to take enforcement action to protect your brand, there are numerous courses of action to choose from. The new Brand Bulletin, issue 10, shows the tools at your disposal.

Read The Brand Bulletin issue 10: “Stop right there”
(now in interactive format!)

Malicious forces are out to corrupt your brand. There may be benign ones too – for example loyal fans who unknowingly misrepresent you. Whatever their motivations, when your intellectual property is compromised, you need to act. The enforcement route you take will affect the outcome, cost and length of time it takes to reach a resolution.

In this new edition of The Brand Bulletin, discover:
• Why you are at risk of brand infringement
• How a simple but firm legal letter can often nip trouble in the bud
• Why the offenders’ motives matter when deciding the course of action required
• Four steps to enforcement success

This latest edition is in a new interactive format and also includes three short case studies that illustrate different real-life enforcement scenarios.

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