Mobile App Monitoring: Simple, Affordable, Effective

CSC® Digital Brand Services Mobile App Monitoring service lets you easily monitor the ever-growing mobile app world. With over 1.5 million mobile apps on the marketplace, there’s money to be made exploiting your brands—even for companies that don’t have their own mobile apps.

mobile app monitoringOur Mobile App Monitoring service is designed to save you time, protect your mobile assets, and ensure that your customers are not misled when they download an app under your brand name. We detect unlicensed use of your intellectual property by watching over 40 of the major app marketplaces, including the Apple App Store®, Google Play®, Windows Phone®, Baidu App Store®, Amazon®, and many more.

We can simply and affordably monitor the mobile app environment for you—effectively policing apps and enforcing your brand rights—so you can focus on greater business goals. Our Mobile App Monitoring service:

  • Provides ongoing oversight of the most popular mobile marketplaces
  • Delivers comprehensive results and a low false-positive rate through a review by our analysts
  • Presents data in our NameProtect® monitoring application for ease of processing and review, including:
    • Viewing data alongside other monitoring results (e.g., domains, trademarks, and Internet content)
    • Managing results (including the ability to track changes)
    • Managing workflows and enforcement actions (e.g., more easily take enforcement actions where appropriate)
    • Measuring effectiveness and results

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