Protecting your brand on the social web

By making it possible to interact and collaborate on a massive scale, the social web has transformed the way we work online. But this also puts brand owners at greater risk of IP infringement than ever. Social networks, apps and new gTLDs create a more complex landscape for brand owners to navigate in order to protect their brands online.

WTR_SocialMediaRoundtable_2014_blogRecently, World Trademark Review (WTR) held a roundtable with leading trademark practitioners, including CSC Digital Brand Services, to discuss these issues. It was an illuminating session based around the practical strategies for social media engagement, protection and enforcement. The discussion looks at key questions such as:

  • Monitoring strategies for the Web 2.0 environment, including social platforms and apps
  • Considerations for creating and communicating a social media policy
  • Best practices for managing a social media portfolio
  • The effectiveness of the major social sites in protecting trademark rights
  • Approaches for enforcement action on the social web
  • The potential effect of new gTLD on social media.

Mobile apps present a relatively new extension of the digital landscape. CSC’s Global Director of Monitoring and Enforcement Services, Malia Horine, who took part in WTR’s roundtable says: “The rise of mobile apps adds another dimension that rights holders must police. They not only face the normal types of infringement issues here, but can also be subject to phishing, counterfeit sale and other types of fraud. Having in place an understanding of who is creating and releasing apps related to your organization and being able to maintain a portfolio of your own apps is vital to ensure you have control over to your intellectual property. ” You can read WTR’s roundtable summary here.

Further Reading CSC has published a complimentary Social Media Best Practices guide with four simple steps organizations can take to protect their brands on social media.