Tapping your domain names’ hidden value

Are you leveraging the true value of your domain name portfolio?

In a recent analysis, we came across several brand owners who were losing tens of thousands of unique visitors to their Web properties each year because of the simple fact that their domain names didn’t resolve to relevant content.

How much do you stand to lose? For the sake of quantifying the impact, let’s assume that your domain name gets 50,000 unique visitors per year. If you pay $35 a year to renew your domain name, then your average cost to acquire each of those visitors is a mere $.0007.

Paid Search, on the other hand, could cost you $1 or more per click. In other words, the cost to acquire the same number of visitors through Paid Search would amount to $50,000 annually.

And that’s just the expense side of the equation. Now let’s look at the lost revenue side:

Assuming the potential sale per visitor to your site averages $2, your organization may have just lost $100,000 in annual sales — simply because you’re neglecting the power of your domain name.

An audit is the best way to find out whether or not direct navigation traffic is reaching your brand. Once you know, you can boost your organic rankings with the help of an exact-match keyword, assuming you follow Search Engine Optimization best practices.

Who knows? You may have hidden treasures in your domain name portfolio that could boost your e-commerce and brand recognition substantially.

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Vincent D’Angelo
Director, Global Brand Advisors
Corporation Service Company

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