.UK Third-Party Registration Opens Soon: Get Your Brand Registered Now

It’s time to register your .UK domain name.

Nominet, the .UK domain name registry in the United Kingdom, launched .UK in 2014, enlarging the UK domain space with a short, snappy extension. As a courtesy, Nominet agreed to prevent third parties from registering duplicate domain name for five years.

That grace period is coming to an end. Third-party registration will open for brand names under .UK on June 10, 2019. Therefore, if you have a .co.UK, .org.UK, .me.UK, .net.UK, .plc.UK, or .ltd.UK domain, you’ll want to register now.

Why is it so important to register? If a third party uses your domain name, your entity will be subject to the risk of phishing attacks and email scams.

CSC, a global leader in corporate domain management, is laser-focused on security. We will make it our full-time job to manage your domain name and keep it secure.

Our experts can also speak with you about whether registering your domain under .UK is ideal for your business.

Call your CSC customer service representative or strategic account manager for more information or to make the switch.

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