3-Phase Approach to .BRAND Strategy – Socialization, Experimentation, Implementation

A year after KPMG migrated all their webpages under home.kpmg, the Brand Registry Group interviewed them to talk about the impact. In the interview, KPMG shares how planning and communication are key in changing to a .BRAND domain name. Their experience ties in nicely to CSC’s three-phase .BRAND approach.

Step 1: Socialization—Get everyone on board with your strategy, from the C-suite and executives to employees and the public.

Step 2: Experimentation—Track how .BRANDs are converting for you by doing A/B testing with clients and prospects.

Step 3: Implementation—Choose from a variety of ways to implement your brand by following your planned strategy.

Whether you have a .BRAND strategy in mind or not, CSC recommends .BRAND owners consider a phased approach to minimize risks, keep to the strengths of an agile methodology, and provide opportunities to shape your strategy as you move along the phases.

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