On your marks – Tips on how to take action against trademark infringers

With the complexity of digital threats increasing, knowing how other parties are infringing on your trademark and taking action to enforce your rights is critical for maintaining your brand’s integrity.

Trademark-Insider_THUMBBrands are weakened by trademark infringement. A trademark watching service is a great tool for uncovering potential conflicts involving newly published trademark applications on a global basis, as well as finding trademarks that are being applied for or are being used in the marketplace that may infringe on the unique value of your intellectual property. With timely insight into potential conflicts, you can ensure you take fast action to defend your marks.

The newest Trademark Insider from CSC® Digital Brand Services shares tips on how to take action against trademark infringers. You’ll learn why it’s important to enforce your rights to maintain your brand’s integrity.

Read about:

  • The importance of monitoring your trademark
  • What to do when an infringing mark is found
  • The value of paid search monitoring
  • Protecting your trademarks on popular search engines

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