Your domain strategy: Solid foundation or house of cards?

HouseofCardsBuilding a brand requires a solid foundation—without a strategic, broad approach to acquiring domains, your company’s brand could be built on a house of cards. If you want to see a case study in action, consider this: Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush recently found out that redirects to Bush’s campaign staff state that “Jeb Bush” searches direct people to the correct site, which is However, the misdirections don’t just end there; read on to find out more about the candidates’ digital domain battleground:

The takeaway here is that each and every day, millions of people go online to seek information that will inform their decision making and their purchases and they won’t always access or search for your digital brand the same way. Make sure your digital portfolio of brands is broad enough to protect and promote your brand, so that all of the equity you’ve built in your company’s reputation doesn’t get lost due to one lost domain.

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