The state of branded keywords in paid search

BrandVerity® recently examined the brand keywords of over 250 popular, consumer-facing U.S. brands for their Q4 2015 report The State of Branded Keywords in Paid Search. The results show how many brands are targets for trademark infringers who bid on and use brand keywords to lead consumers to their imposter sites through paid search results.

Many of these infringing advertisers do not compete directly with the trademark owner; rather, they move traffic to their own websites where they receive compensation for ads they serve. But any traffic that is diverted from your brand’s website can translate into permanently lost revenue. Only an automated brand monitoring solution can give you a clear picture of how your brand is being targeted on different search terms, search engines, and at different times of day.

Offered in partnership with BrandVerity, CSC® Digital Brand Services Paid Search Monitoring detects and reports on the ads that matter most to a brand. Monitoring across a range of search engines, our monitoring service and malvertising protection is available in more than 35 countries. We can detect a broad spectrum of brand abuse, including unauthorized trademark bidding by affiliates, partners, and third parties, affiliate hijacking, ads that misrepresent or harm a brand (e.g., excessive discount language), as well as malicious advertising (e.g., phishing and malware).

To ensure that customers reach your site—and that the ads they see are consistent with your brand image—you need to know who is bidding on your keywords, when they are bidding on them, and how. Download the report now to take a look at:

  • 10 industries—including the three most targeted: clothing and apparel, consumer electronics, consumer finance, education, home services, hotels, insurance, Internet and telecom, online retail, as well as software/web/technology
  • The advertising landscape in each industry in easy-to-understand charts
  • Estimates of monthly traffic loss for typical brands
  • The top 10 trademark users in each category

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