Webinar Replay: Key insights from ICANN 52

CSC’s Gretchen Olive recently shared her insights from the ICANN 52 meeting in Singapore. If you missed the live webinar, it is now available for replay. 

Each year, ICANN holds three public meetings in different world locations. Comprising as many as 200 individual sessions, these weeklong forums bring together different groups with an interest in the domain space and the developments affecting it.

Webinar_Recording_ICANN52With the New gTLD program taking off, there was plenty to discuss. It takes an expert to make sense of these meetings and report back with the important points, which is why our Director of Policy & Industry Affairs, Gretchen Olive, participates in all ICANN meetings.

In Gretchen’s post-meeting webinar she shared insights on what she learned in Singapore and how they might affect brand owners.

>> Replay the webinar