Webinar Recording: Better domain strategies for IT, marketing, and legal departments

If you missed our recent webinar on domain strategies, it is now available for replay.

Given all the changes taking place in the online space, it’s easy to forget how critical domain names remain to promoting and protecting your business.

Maybe it’s time to ask: Are you doing everything you can toWebinar_DomainStrategy keep your digital portfolio safe and effective? Find out during this online presentation.

CSC domain management specialists Natalie Leroy and Quinn Taggart cover:

  • Strengthening your core: Coordinating your digital assets and pointing them to timely content
  • Winning strategies: Targeted advice for specialists in Marketing, Legal, and IT
  • Best practices: For domain security, monitoring, audits, and optimization
  • The internet today: Facts and figures

They examine the risks and opportunities and show you how a robust domain management strategy is essential to your online success. As an added bonus, they share CSC’s 6-Step Plan for Digital Optimization.

>> Replay the webinar