Read the article by CSC’s Elliott Champion to find out exactly how cyber criminals are targeting brands and consumers during this unusual time—and what can be done to protect brands.

This article first appeared in Anti-counterfeiting and Online Brand Enforcement: A Global Guide 2021, a supplement to World Trademark Review, published by Law Business Research - IP Division. To view the full guide, visit


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COVID-19 and the Rise in Online Brand Abuse

COVID-19 and the Rise in Online Brand Abuse

Healthcare Global May 18, 2021

New research carried out by CSC Digital Brand Services, an online brand security company, has identified 325k domains that conduct malicious activities and enable brand abuse, 68% of which were related to COVID-19 treatment, testing and tracking. Chief technology officer Ihab Shraim tells us what this means for the healthcare sector.

Brand protection, anti-counterfeit, counterfeit, e-commerce


Online fraud — How to Stay Ahead

Online fraud — How to Stay Ahead

Join us for our Industry Update webinar, where we spend 30 minutes on the latest news in domain management & security, brand protection, and fraud protection.


Protecting Your Brand Against the Increasing Threats of Online Fraud

Protecting your Brand Against the Increasing Threats of Online Fraud

In our first webinar of 2021, we’ll delve into the outcomes of 2020’s marked increase in online fraud from cyber criminals, who took advantage of our increased reliance on the internet due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Domain Management and Strategy, GDPR, digital assets, domain names, WHOIS, cyber security, data protection