Consumers will go to great lengths to purchase goods in short supply if it’s what they really need. As global and societal events—such as supply chain shortages occur—CSC has observed that there is a corresponding increase in domain registrations that attempt to capitalize on the event.

We assessed the baby formula and semiconductor markets as they have both recently experienced supply chain shortages. The report shows that risk increases for companies and consumers experiencing supply chain shortages, and outlines how companies, especially those that supply critical infrastructure, can improve their security posture.




Cyber Risk and Digital Security

Cyber Risk and Digital Security: The Growing Impact on Today's Businesses

Join us for this webinar where we'll look at cyber risks and threats and how holistic approaches towards digital and domain security can help to mitigate the associated effects.


Cyber Insecurity - Omicron Variant Came With Surge in Suspicious Websites

Going Phishing: Countering Fraudulent Campaigns

World Trademark Review April 15, 2022

Read this article by CSC’s Elliott Champion and Fernando Cevallos to find out more on the current phishing landscape, risks to brands, and how best to combat phishing in the early stages.

Brand protection, anti-counterfeit, counterfeit, e-commerce


Domain Registrar Selection: A Key Indicator of Overall Organization Security

The Impact of COVID-19 on Internet Security and Safety

This report’s findings were gathered using our newly launched DomainSecSM platform to analyze nearly 500,000 COVID-related web domains for threats to brands and consumers due to their persistent brand infringement patterns and behaviors.



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