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In the domain name system (DNS) has always been a fundamental component of running the most important applications that enable companies to conduct business—including webpages and voice over IP—and it’s no different now, especially with so many people working from home during the pandemic. Businesses have invested in security solutions at an exponential rate to protect their organizations from cyber threats, yet many companies have not been paying enough attention to the threat of DNS hijacking. DNS hijacking can have a serious impact on company revenue and reputation, while at the same time exposing it to significant financial penalties. Keynote speaker, David Conrad, CTO of Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) explains what the DNS ecosystem is, what its vulnerabilities are, and how to mitigate threats to the DNS. Industry leaders discuss the current DNS hijacking threat companies face, and how to evaluate current security measures for their effectiveness against these kinds of attacks.


  • David Conrad, chief technology officer, ICANN

  • Tim Archer, chief information security officer, Cheung Kong Hutchison Holding

  • Wilson Wong, CEO, Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation Limited

  • Alban Kwan, East Asia regional director, CSC

  • Edmon Chung, CEO, DotAsia


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